You'll spend an hour with your WordPress developer, for $69. It's conducted online, usually through Google Meets, Zoom, or other software.
I really like this tool, as it helps me to communicate with my clients. There are multiple reasons, why you should go for the consultation.

You can co-shape the scope with the WordPress developer

Non-technical clients usually know, what they want to achieve. But they don't know the technical side behind that. In the consultation, find out, what's really possible. You'll get your ideas confronted by someone who is an expert on WordPress.
Sometimes, it's very expensive to do the WordPress project exactly as the client wants. Often just small change is needed- like moving a button from header to popup. And this will make your project significantly cheaper.
When I'm consulting with my clients, I'm providing them with technical know-how. They are putting their needs on the table. And while we talk, we try to figure out the best way to achieve their goals. The way they will get the most value for the dollar invested.

You can get to know your WordPress developer

And see, if they are a good fit. This is the case in larger projects when you'll work with the person for a longer time. In a one-hour consultation, we can get to know each other pretty well.
You'll also see, how the developer is approaching your project. And if they have a similar way of thinking as you do. This is important because in some cases you need to have a lot of trust in your WordPress developer. Like when the client wants to move an existing website. Or work with his buyer's details.

You signal that you are willing to move forward

There are Codeable clients, that are not willing to move forward. They can be just fishing for ideas and estimates. Or they already have someone else in mind, that they want to work with.
If I'm engaging on a bigger project, there is usually a lot of typing involved. Instead of doing the back-and-forth messaging, I often propose jumping on the consult. I can tell from the client's reactions if they are interested in working with me.
If they go silent or do not reflect on my question, then it's pretty clear. Same as if they say like "Look Tom, I'm in, let's do the consult".

The Codeable consultations are non-binding

This means, that you don't have to go ahead with the project. Even if we had a great consultation on Codeable. You can decide that at any point. If you need any help, you can post a consultation project for me.


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