Let me establish the first thing - everyone on Codeable knows their craft. They wouldn't be here if they didn't. The screening process is long and difficult. Only the top 2% of WordPress developers worldwide make it through. Now when that is clear, we should explore some other criteria.

Codeable pricing

Written by Tom Herudek
 — July 6th, 2022 — Codeable

I'll show you, how the Codeable pricing system work. And we can also discover, how freelancers are pricing their projects on Codeable.
There are 2 types of pricing models that Codeable offers: per hour and per project.
The per-hour model is exactly what it sounds like. You're billed for each hour that the freelancer spends working on your project. This is a good option if you are not clear about your project that much. Or if you want someone to make changes or additions over time.
The per-project model is a set price for the entire project or milestone. This is a good option if you have a clear idea of what you want. And don't need anyone to work continuously with you.

You'll spend an hour with your WordPress developer, for $69. It's conducted online, usually through Google Meets, Zoom, or other software.
I really like this tool, as it helps me to communicate with my clients. There are multiple reasons, why you should go for the consultation.

Is Codeable Legit?

Written by Tom Herudek
 — July 3rd, 2022 — Codeable

I guess you are reading this article because you want to hire a Codeable developer? Yes, Codeable is a legitimate platform for hiring WordPress professionals. I'm freelancing there for more than 5 years. Let me show you, why it's legit.

You've decided to use Codeable? Then it's time to post a project there. So the WordPress developers can take a look and provide you with a free quote. Let me show you how. I'll also add some good tips. For example, how to write a great project description. It will help you get the most accurate quotes from the best developers.