Care package

I'll be there for you as a partner for your whole internet presence. Let's work together and move your business forward.

Do you want to be shielded from the tech pitfalls of running an online business?

There are a lot of things underneath having a successful online business. The first one is definitely having the right business idea. The second one is to take care properly of the technical side. Make sure that your site is updated, secured, and everything works as expected. 

You have the right business idea. I have the orientation in the online world and know-how how to take care of the technical side.


  • Create a “testing” protocol for your site to follow after updates
  • Update all parts of your site once per month.
  • Fix smaller issues and provide you with an estimate for fixing bigger problems
  • Apply the testing protocol rigorously to be sure everything works as expected
    • Your clients can buy your goods
    • Your clients can reach you through your contact forms
    • Functionality of your site works as expected
  • Inform you about potential threats or problems


  • Being available to do emergency work (fixing issues that influence your revenue) within 1 business day. And prioritizing your other projects with me.
  • Being on reach so that we can communicate about your ideas or things that bothers you and finding proper solutions
  • Being available to do small changes on your site (add tracking code, move this button, etc.)
  • Bringing suggestions of what we can do better with your tech side to move towards your goals