A curated list of things, that I'm using to help me live better. Not strictly limited to IT. Real-life things included.

Mental performance


Great remedy for stable mental performance and better sleep. I absolutely love it, as it helps you to calm down. It also makes your sleep much deeper. I'm taking the CBD oil every day, before sleep. Approximately 20mg.


Cognitive stimulant. I used to be a heavy smoker, but burning tobacco is not an option for me. I use nicotine gums or nicotine pouches. Mainly in the afternoon, because nicotine has a far shorter half-life than caffeine. It's more merciful for your sleep.


App, that plays "neurobeats". It's in a tricky esoteric-like area, but for me personally, it helps me with concentration and calms me down, when needed. I have a monthly subscription there. The use case for me is for work or for meditation before sleep. The app can be found on brain.fm.

Software Tools


Super easy way of recording videos of your screen and sharing them with your clients. Works very smoothly. Things, I would describe for 20 minutes by writing can be explained in 3 minutes of video. Plus you can record your camera and the clients actually see you. Great for building a relationship. The app can be found on loom.com.