Is Codeable Legit?

Written by Tom Herudek
 — July 3rd, 2022 — Codeable

I guess you are reading this article because you want to hire a Codeable developer? Yes, Codeable is a legitimate platform for hiring WordPress professionals. I'm freelancing there for more than 5 years. Let me show you, why it's legit.

Codeable Aps. is a legitimate EU company

The platform has been operational since December 2012. Since then it has helped over 65.000+ businesses with their WordPress needs. The company is properly registered in Denmark.
You can find the company details in the Danish national company register. Non-legit companies barely operate for 10+ years.

Codeable founder Per Esbensen is real person

I know Per for years. And I mean personally. He is a great business visionary, and very active in the community. We've had a few 1:1 mentorings. I'm still amazed, that he finds the time to chat with the WordPress developers on Codeable. In person and on a regular basis.
You can see us together in WCEU Porto (2022). I'm the one with his right hand up.

There are 500+ real WordPress developers behind Codeable

As of writing this, there are over 500+ WordPress developers on Codeable. That's a big number. And all of them are real people. You can check out their profiles, and see what companies they worked for in the past. You can also see my review as a Codeable developer.
Most of the developers on Codeable have years of experience with WordPress. Lots of them (including me) owned some WordPress-related business in the past. So we know how businesses operate.
I know many of them. I've met them in person. In Belgrade, Berlin, and Porto.

There are 30.000+ real clients behind Codeable

Most of them are happy with the results. They are returning to get more work done. You can check that on TrustPilot.
As of writing this, there are over 30.000+ clients on Codeable. All of them are real people. Just like you and me.
Some of them are big companies. Some are small businesses, just like your business.
But all of them had some trouble with their WordPress site at some point. And all of them used Codeable to get help from professional WordPress developers.

I've personally received all payments from Codeable

And we are speaking of not trivial amounts. In hundreds of thousands of dollars. I've got all of them, right on time. Within 3-5 business days, after I've requested them. Approved by Per Esbensen personally. So I can confirm that Codeable is not scam.
I'm also willing to leave the money hanging on Codeable for 1-3 months. Before actually collecting them in my bank account. Isn't that a mark of trust?

When I issued a refund for a Codeable client, they got it

They got their money back immediately. It happened just twice I think. When the client wasn't happy with the results.

Codeable offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with the work, you can get your money back. With no questions asked. There is a Codeable support team available and you can talk to them in real-time, via chat. They will listen to you, and they will refund you - if that's what it takes.

There are overwhelmingly good reviews around the internet

You can see it on your own, with review servers. On TrustPilot, you can find 525 reviews and most of them are 5 stars.

Is Codeable a scam or ripoff?

Codeable is not a perfect platform. Like any other business, it has some flaws. But that's expected and normal.
The important thing is that Codeable is legit. It's a fair business. They offer great services to both WordPress developers and clients. There is a team of real people behind it. I know them, and I've talked to them. It's a life-changing platform for many freelancers, myself included.
If you need help with your WordPress site, Codeable is a great platform to use. You will get high-quality results, and you will be happy with the work.
I hope this article shed some light on Codeable being legit topic. So you have my green light to post your project on Codeable.


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