An expert in any field is defined by a set of core know-how. If he or she has to work with other people, then typically some soft skills are required in addition. And the requirements become more complex, for example, when it comes to an external expert who is supposed to help you with the software part of your online store. Such as WooCommerce.

WooCommerce developer's core know-how

The basic know-how expected of a WooCommerce developer is relatively simple: 

  • WooCommerce;
  • WordPress - WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, so knowledge of it is essential; 
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL - basic technologies related to WooCommerce...

And then there are more or less specific requirements: multi-lingual implementations, solutions for the operation of the e-shop (fulfillment, logistics), implementation of external code (payment gateways, external sales platforms), connection to product comparators, data communication with accounting, CRM, financial management tools, etc.

In other words, there are many possible situations and specific requirements, but to solve most of them with one person only, you will have to look for someone other than the bearer of just the basic know-how.

A partner rather than a one-off

Among the possible developers, you will have to pick one who will not try to just complete the to-do list and disappear as quickly as possible, but rather a partner. Someone who takes an active interest in finding out, what you truly need. He or she will identify potential pitfalls and bring the best solutions available. Someone, who is also suggesting what could be done better. Or informing you about the latest trends in the industry.

Who are we looking for?

  • Their inputs have added value to your business. Is he or she just repeating the common knowledge in their industry, or is he or she looking at things through your eyes and context? This way, what they say, makes business sense.
  • They have experience not only with WooCommerce, but especially with its implementations Are you his first real customer, or has he worked with 20 shops and solved 20 x 20 different problems?
  • They have overlaps into multiple knowledge domains. E-commerce store is an intersection of many activities. And it's great if your WooCommerce developer actually knows a bit more than just the WordPress development itself. To name a few: e-commerce and online marketing in general, data science, affiliate marketing, accounting or know, how to connect you with your supplier technically.,

Where to find a WooCommerce specialist?


  • Websites of freelancers can relatively easily represent know-how and experience, but they tend to be a bit magnified
  • personal references - can be a good guide, but personal references are often motivated by motives other than the benefit of the person being referred; 
  • a good guide is a combination of both: a good developer presentation combined with great references.

Facebook groups and other social platforms

  • are typically a scramble of rapid demand and supply. It is more of a rush job; 
  • experienced experts can get lost in the crowd of enthusiastic amateurs.

Expert platforms

  • Might be the most effective way to find real experts;
  • Some of them require a fee, but in return, they offer a vetting of the presented developers - such a platform is; (You can read my extensive review of Codeable after 5 years there)
  • Others, with varying degrees of verification, include Toptal,, and the Czech catalog

What are the takeaways?

Working with E-commerce and WooCommerce stores is not a one-time intervention. There are always new features, new products, and new ways to sell them. Or new updates of your current software. And things going bad with your current WordPress build.

That's why you shouldn't rely on one-time interventions with various freelance WooCommerce developers. You'll need someone you can come back to not only for help, but also for advice on how to kick-start your business. And with someone who already knows your store, its plugins, and its focus, you will find the best solution much faster. 

You don't necessarily have to sign up for the first WordPress developer you'll meet. Cooperation can be tested on smaller-scale things. If you don't get along nicely, you can always end it and keep looking for someone who will be a partner for the long haul.


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