I've been a WordPress freelancer for over 8 years now, and in that time I've used a number of different places to find work. I've settled up with Codeable - the #1 WordPress outsourcing platform, and I have to say that it's by far the best platform I've used.

If you're a business or entrepreneur who needs WordPress development help but don't have the time to find and vet a freelancer on your own, Codeable is the perfect solution. With Codeable, you can access a vetted pool of expert developers who are available for hire on a project-by-project basis. And by vetted, I mean top-quality WooCommerce or WordPress with the right skills for your project.

Me at Codeable Expert dinner - Word Camp EU 2019 - Berlin
Me at Codeable Expert dinner - Word Camp EU 2019 - Berlin

What is Codeable?

Codeable is a unique WordPress freelancer platform because it only allows the top 2% of WordPress developers to sign up and become experts. This means that when you post a project on Codeable, you can be confident that you will be working with the people that are the best and have the right knowledge.

Difference between Codeable and other hiring methods

The main difference between using Codeable and running a different hiring process is that with Codeable, you don't have to waste that much time with screening and chatting with the developers. You'll just post a project there and usually within a first 15 minutes (yes), you will start getting responses from the WordPress freelancers.

Codeable has this rule - one is allowed to comment only on projects, where he/she is sure that they can finish them. And from my experience, my Codeable colleagues really are delivering a top quality work. So even with a random pick of WordPress developer, you'l get very good results. This is printed in the Codeable DNA.

My experience amongst Codeable developers

And I've been doing my full-time WordPress work on Codeable for 5+ years. To succeed there, you can't just be good at WordPress or WooCommerce. You need to be stellar in communication and customer service and have a strong work ethic. Being thorough is another trait, that will help you to stand out. If you want to take a look My profile can be found here.

Me at WordCamp EU 2018 with the Codeable squad
Me at WordCamp EU 2018 with the Codeable squad

Why should you use Codeable?

Codeable saves your time

You will not have to go through 100s of developers like on the other platforms (UpWork, Fiverr ...). There will be just 4-5 WordPress devs, paying you their full attention.

Codeable saves your money

Because the WordPress talent you will hire there will approach the project correctly from the beginning. Developing new software always comes with the complexity involved. It's not good to have a short-term strategy. To deliver issue-free and quality work, you need to focus on the bigger picture.

They will help you with a clear definition of scope the work

As a WordPress developer, you need to truly make your client's needs and wants crystal clear at the beginning. If you make decisions with your client's best interests at heart, you'll always end up delivering a product that they're happy with - and that will save your client's time and money in the long run. And you can make the best decisions only when you know, what your client wants...

How to get started with Codeable

You simply post your project requirements on Codeable, and within minutes or hours, you will get responses from interested WordPress experts. From there, you can review suggested solutions, view profiles, and read reviews to find the best-fit developers for your project. Remember, you don't have any obligation to hire. So it's basically a free project estimate.

Get a hand from Codeable great support

If you struggle with putting together the project description, you can always contact Codeable support (stunning service btw). They will help you out and give you tips on how to improve your project description so that you can get the most qualified proposals. They also tend to match customers with the best possible WordPress talent, that is currently available.

How pricing on Codeable works?

In general, you have 2 types of pricing. Per project or per hour. I'm pricing all my projects at a fixed fee. I believe, that I should be responsible for the professional side of the business, not my client. So if you would like to use my services as a WordPress developer, then I'll provide you with a fixed fee price per project. Contrary, some developers will provide you with an hourly rate, ($70 - $120 average on Codeable) and you will be buying blocks of hours from them.

Choose from the Codeable Experts

Once you've reviewed the proposals and viewed profiles, you can hand-pick your WordPress expert or let Codeable do it for you. If you have any questions about specific freelancers or their proposals, you can always reach out to them directly through the platform. Then your freelancer is hired and starts with implementing his solutions.

What to expect from your Codeable developer

After you've hired your Codeable WordPress developer, you can expect regular updates and communication about the project's progress. Vetted WordPress experts will also provide you with a timeline for the project so that you can plan accordingly.

Once the development work is ready

Your developer will send you a showcase of the work, so you can test it out. If you have any feedback or revisions, they'll be happy to make the changes for you. Once accept the final product, your developer will wrap up the project and send you all the files they created for you. Or deliver as you've agreed - for example they will put the code online on your production site.

After you agree your project is complete

I'm usually helping my clients to launch the code/app I've made for them. I think it's a standard across the Codeable. Once the project is marked as complete, the quality guarantee starts running. If there is a problem within 28 days, your soldier from distributed talent force will fix it.

Tips for working with a developer on Codeable

When working with any developer it's important to have a good relationship and clear communication. So make sure you'll pick a good communicator. This will save you a lot of time in the future.

Building a relationship

WordPress development is an ongoing process. You'll probably hire one person for more work. For example, my Codeable clients are hiring me for monthly WooCommerce maintenance and supporting their e-commerce businesses. It's great to have someone reliable and trustworthy alongside you.

Being effective

If you have a relationship with your developer and you know each other, it will be more effective. There's no need to explain things that deeply. They knows your WooCommerce site back and forth, so he'll be cheaper for you as well.

Working with a developer on Codeable can be a great experience

I know the team behind Codeable personally and I love their unique approach.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your project on this only WordPress freelancer platform.

- Make sure you have a good understanding of what you want before starting the project.

- Make sure your Codeable developer understands your project requirements.

- In case of huge load of work, get project estimate per milestone.

- Have a clear vision for your project and be prepared to explain it in detail.

- Make sure you pick a Codeable developer who is good at communicating.

- Establish a good relationship with your developer, and try to keep them on for future projects.

- Be clear and concise in your project description.

- Give regular updates and feedback to your developer and expect the same from him

- Make sure you have a timeline for the project so that you can plan accordingly.


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