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Written by Tom Herudek
 — July 6th, 2022 — Codeable

I'll show you, how the Codeable pricing system work. And we can also discover, how freelancers are pricing their projects on Codeable.
There are 2 types of pricing models that Codeable offers: per hour and per project.
The per-hour model is exactly what it sounds like. You're billed for each hour that the freelancer spends working on your project. This is a good option if you are not clear about your project that much. Or if you want someone to make changes or additions over time.
The per-project model is a set price for the entire project or milestone. This is a good option if you have a clear idea of what you want. And don't need anyone to work continuously with you.

What the Codeable estimate contains

Freelance WordPress developers have more costs than just time spent on the project. They also need to spend time learning your project, communicating, and researching. There are multiple overheads like post-project support etc.
And fixed costs like tools, plugins, and other software they need to purchase to work on your project. A working location like an office or coworking space. Education, coffee, etc. They run a 1-person business. And they need to include all these costs in the pricing.
Freelancers that want to stay in the business need to factor all these costs into the final price.

Codeable recommended hourly rate

The general recommendation is $70 - $120 per hour. This is the estimated range that most Codeable developers fall into. The hourly rate is without the Codeable fees.
Codeable minimum pricing is $70 and developers rarely fall below. It would be hard for them to cover all the costs of running their business and turn a profit at a lower rate.

Codeable fees

The structure of the fees is simple. When I submit an estimate for $100, Codeable will add 17.5% on top of it. Then $117.5 is how much the client pays.
I as a freelance also need to pay fees. When I win a project, I need to pay 10% of the total project price to Codeable. From the $100 pricing mentioned above, I'll pay the $10 fee and receive $90.
Usually, my clients are concerned, about what they got as a counter value for the fees.

pre-selected all the WordPress developers there. They've created the whole system. You can just plug&play and find the right WordPress developer for your project within a few days,

Codeable costs

The fees are covering the platform's operational costs. Employees, marketing, partnership, support. Also 1:1 coaching to the developers. Resolution of disputes. And any aspect of running a serious business.
The fees allow the Codeable to exist. Trust me or not, I'm actually happy to pay them. This is a sign, that Codeable is doing a great job.

How do Codeable estimates work?

When you post a project on Codeable, you'll need to provide some information about what you need to be done. After that, you'll engage with WordPress developers to define the scope of work.
Then the WordPress developers will submit their estimates. The Codeable estimate is free of charge. You'll see just 1 price. It is the weighted average of their estimates. This is a way, how Codeable prevents a price race to the bottom.
You will see the price and the fees of the project. If you decide to go with it, you can choose the right WordPress developer to hire. Then you will be asked to pay the project price into escrow. Once paid, the project can start.

Are Codeable estimates negotiable?

In short, they are not. They are tied to the scope of work. If you're not happy with an estimate, you can either try to find a different WordPress developer. Or you can try to change the scope of work to something that's more in line with your budget.
I can see sometimes clients asking to estimate lower because they want to get more value for their money. But this is not the way, how Codeable estimates work. The developer spent some time researching and creating it. There is some fundament behind his pricing.
I guess, if you really would push that, you'll probably be able to get like 5% down. But it will create this bitter feeling. I would not recommend trying to negotiate the estimates.

What is a Codeable retainer?

The Codeable retainer is a monthly based service. Usually, the delivery is the maintenance of your WordPress site. Or some pre-defined services. Like creating graphics, adding new features to your website, or fixing bugs.
The benefit of a Codeable retainer is that you can have a WordPress developer on call. Whenever you need something, you can just submit a task and the WordPress developer will do it for you.
The retainer is billed automatically, once per month. Renewed the day it was actually started. It's strategic to start the retainers on 1st day of the month.

What is Codeable minimum pricing?

Every project has a lot of indirect costs. Like communication, project management, and quality assurance. I'm not starting a new project below $500 (including all fees). With long-term clients, the minimum price can be smaller. It's because once we know each other, there is less overhead.

My thoughts on Codeable pricing

I want to deliver the best work possible. I'm always thinking, about what the client really needs. And how my work could be truly useful for him. This is seniority and seniority has value.
If you seek senior WordPress developers, then Codeable and its pricing allow you to find them.


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