You've decided to use Codeable? Then it's time to post a project there. So the WordPress developers can take a look and provide you with a free quote. Let me show you how. I'll also add some good tips. For example, how to write a great project description. It will help you get the most accurate quotes from the best developers.

Codeable - Review as a Freelancer

Written by Tom Herudek
 — May 15th, 2022 — Codeable

Every freelance WordPress developer struggles with finding good-quality clients. I'm no exception. I've tried various approaches and the fairly best is being a member of Codeable - a premium WordPress outsourcing platform.

Since I became a member, I've worked with hundreds of great clients, with an average rating of 4.96/5, and my overall income is counted in six figures. Let me show you, how Codeable changed my life.

I've been a WordPress freelancer for over 8 years now, and in that time I've used a number of different places to find work. I've settled up with Codeable - the #1 WordPress outsourcing platform, and I have to say that it's by far the best platform I've used.

If you're a business or entrepreneur who needs WordPress development help but don't have the time to find and vet a freelancer on your own, Codeable is the perfect solution. With Codeable, you can access a vetted pool of expert developers who are available for hire on a project-by-project basis. And by vetted, I mean top-quality WooCommerce or WordPress with the right skills for your project.

WP Rocket Review

Written by Tom Herudek
 — May 4th, 2022 — General

If you don't maintain your WooCommerce store, it will eventually fail to work. So maintaining your WooCommerce store is essential for keeping it running efficiently and avoiding any potential problems.

This includes updating all plugins and the theme, as well as working on a staging server. Updates ensure that your store is running the latest version of WooCommerce, with all the latest security enhancements and bug fixes.